Coastal Zone Management 2007/8

Coursework timetable

Jan 23: Final session before commencement of class essay. Please ensure that you have speed-studied the links below sufficient to take part in group discussion. Please bring any more resources on coastal management issues to the class.

Jan 30: Issue of unseen essay, development of synopsis for submission at end of class

Feb 6: Essay submission 0900 hours. Peer review and feedback.

Links to follow to support learning about coastal management...

  1. Graphic of the impact of SLR on UK
  2. Revision using good BBC resource
  3. SLR impact in Cornwall
  4. Summary of SLR issues
  5. Tidal and SLR FAQ
  6. Methodologies recently used in Sennen Cove
  7. Beach management overview
  8. Beach Management Plans
  9. Tide Basics
  10. Managing coastal erosion - important rersource for coursework
  11. East Coast issues with reference to dredging
  12. Dart Estuary management plan
  13. Local Authorities SIG homepage
  14. Local Authorities special interest group 26 page review

Beach Management

Whilst ICZM is often depicted as a tool for grappling with big issues like coastal erosion, sea-level rise, population squeeze, there is a more day-to-day aspect - namely that of Beach Management.

This is particularly pertinent in Cornwall.

First, we need to reflect from first principles as to the objectives for successful, holistic management. Having devined the objectives, develop the strategy; then define the tactics/levers to respond to that strategy.

So, I suggest you work up a list of Management Categories, and put in order of subjective importance.

Your primary source is the Beach Management Manual from CIRIA. This is a weighty document, and I suggest that you review the contents pages to get a flavour of the immensity of the subject, and then print out page 194 on Beach Managment Plans. Note that this Manual was published in 1996 and is currently under review/rewrite.

For water quality see here

For example of BMP

Possible issues to cover in BMP:

  • water qulaity
  • access
  • amenity
  • carbon/aquatic footprint
  • signage/messaging
  • educational
  • safety
  • manning/human resources
  • heritage
  • bio-diversity
  • contingency management
  • international linkages
  • marketing
  • mapping
  • regulatory compliance
  • achievement of good status
  • fiscal strengths
  • stakeholder dialogue
  • analysticical processes - swot
  • ownership